Innovating Innovation. It’s possible.

Wiley_LogoThe decision makers population in many companies in the world is composed primarily by three categories of people:

The Conservative people, whose motto is: “My systems work, my processes correctly operate, I have no need of innovation to maintain or increase my business.”

The Innovator people, who hides himself behind a much safer: “I pursue Innovation in production processes, for my products and services, in order to strengthen and expand my business.”

The Visionary people, who believes that the first process that need to be innovated is Innovation, even before production ones, because innovating innovation processes can provide advantages to the product delivery and to service providing to the customer.

While the Conservatives will take care of updating their CV in European format ( it is too innovative, you know), the other kinds of people know that Innovation is one of the most important strategic driver to exit the crisis and boost the economy and, more generally, the growth of the countries.

In a highly competitive globalized world it is necessary to globally rethink  the methods, tools and strategies necessary to promote, facilitate, support and manage innovation in its various forms (product, process, technology, organization, etc.), paying particular attention to SMEs who, lacking the necessary critical mass, ask for the building of collaborative networks innovation oriented.

If you live in this kind of world you may find useful this book: Enterprise Innovation: From Creativity to Engineering.