Benjen Stark’s WiFi

Maybe not everybody knows that, during the journey Benjen Stark had to come back to the Wall, carrying a cage of ravens donated by Maester Luwin, he remained one night in a hotel he found on TripAdvisor.

After getting the formalities (documents, breakfast from 6:30 to 10:00, room number, etc.), Benjen poses the question: “In this hotel do you have the free WiFi service in the rooms?”.

In that moment the person at the desk began to illustrate the amazing and fantastic available options:

“Yes, we have the WiFi service in our rooms, BUT it is non for free, you can pay directly at the reception.”

“Of course we have the WiFi service in our rooms, BUT the bandwidth is limited to 128 Kbps, you know, we have a lot of customers.”

“Sure! We have the WiFi service in our rooms, BUT the traffic is limited to 100 MegaByte for the whole period of your stay, it will be definitely enough for you.”

“We do have the WiFi service in our rooms, BUT the maximum connection time is limited to sixty minutes, you know, we have to please everyone!”

“We certainly have the WiFi service in our rooms, BUT you cannot do whatever you want. You can only surf the Web, no emails or other stuff. Of course you cannot access to any kind of videos or files download, you know, you cannot imagine what some people can do with an Internet connection!”

“Yes, we have of course the WiFi service in our rooms, BUT in order to use it you need to manually insert the SSID: LUt0n$qN@-P”7UD*’
and the right password: ‘B<kRqt}O<./B,q4a’x_GZ7FLhS`#EG8YkXbH:DqL[?’va~y3p
you can find them printed on this photocopy, it is a bit faded, but you can read it. Please note that the fourth SSID’s letter is a zero and the eighth lettere in the password is an O. It is for security reasons, you know.”

“Yes, absolutely! We have the WiFi service in our rooms, BUT, in order to authenticate, you have to insert your phone number. Within a few minutes (maximum half an hour) you will receive a pin number. You have to insert it, with your email address, in the registration form. Within a few minutes you will receive an email with a link, you have to click on that link in order to activate the Internet connection. It is for security reasons, you know.”

In that moment Benjen Stark said for the first time the famous sentence: “Once my brother told me that nothing someone says before the word BUT really counts.” and he added: “What is the closest Hotel with a real WiFi connection?”.