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Innovate by developing the data culture

Carlo and Paola have been living together for several years; they seem a perfect couple. No one knows that their union is soon destined to end, not even them. Yet within their “family organization” all the elements indicating unequivocally that they are heading in that direction, can already be seen. It is, for example, the use of a credit card in a restaurant for an amount that is not compatible with someone dining alone.

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Benjen Stark’s WiFi

Maybe not everybody knows that, during the journey Benjen Stark had to come back to the Wall, carrying a cage of ravens donated by Maester Luwin, he remained one night in a hotel he found on TripAdvisor.

After getting the formalities (documents, breakfast from 6:30 to 10:00, room number, etc.), Benjen poses the question: “In this hotel do you have the free WiFi service in the rooms?”.

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Innovation is not a spark

Sometimes people believe that Innovation is a spark, a flame that suddenly illuminates the dark mind of some manager or some engineer, locked in their office, staring at the white ceiling and listening to Bach.

Those are people that say “With such an idea you cannot help to change the world and become rich, for sure!”, Those are the same people who say “With that amazing camera you cannot take bad pictures, it is full automatic!” and than “ With that kind of guitar you cannot play poorly, it sounds wonderfully!”.

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Innovating Innovation. It’s possible.

Wiley_LogoThe decision makers population in many companies in the world is composed primarily by three categories of people:

The Conservative people, whose motto is: “My systems work, my processes correctly operate, I have no need of innovation to maintain or increase my business.”

The Innovator people, who hides himself behind a much safer: “I pursue Innovation in production processes, for my products and services, in order to strengthen and expand my business.”

The Visionary people, who believes that the first process that need to be innovated is Innovation, even before production ones, because innovating innovation processes can provide advantages to the product delivery and to service providing to the customer.

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