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Trigger innovation for a better world

One of the clear-cut things in the world around us is that innovation is a priority, and it is so for companies, for the world of work, for people, for social policies and for the very concept of State. In every organization you can’t help but innovate because today’s revenues are made with today’s boring main-stream activities, but tomorrow’s revenues will be generated thanks to today’s concrete innovation policies.

The interesting thing is that in some industrial sectors the concept of innovation can simply mean a few adjustments to the brand, to production or to distribution, but in other cases it can mean having to completely rethink the offer, redesign products and services or even completely change the business model in directions which may have seemed unthinkable just a few months ago.

However you look at it, innovation is the process which generates value starting from ideas, therefore there is no innovation if you do not create a concrete and tangible value for the players who take part in the process itself, whether they be companies or the public administration, without ever forgetting, however, that the actual and true recipient of the value which will be produced will be the final consumer, who will be able to enjoy better products, lower-priced business models or more efficient services from the public administration.

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How to bring out our innovativeness

You probably all know how an iceberg – a huge block of ice floating in the coldest seas – is made. Given that the density of ice is around 920 kg/m3 and the density of sea water is around 1025 kg/m3, approximately 90% of the volume of an iceberg remains hidden under the surface of the water, while the other 10% remains visible as it hasemerged.

Now, bending the laws of physics using imagination, let’s imagine that this iceberg can be overturned, with the smallest part below water level and the largest part completely emerged and visible.

Let’s now try to make a further effort of imagination and associate the concepts of “innovativeness” and “reliability” respectively to the immersed part – remember that it is the smallest one because in our exercise the iceberg is overturned – and to the emerged part, the largest, of our strange iceberg.

Now it should all be a little clearer, it’s a question of Innovation Management, physics has nothing to do with it, not even ice.

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Innovation is not a spark

Sometimes people believe that Innovation is a spark, a flame that suddenly illuminates the dark mind of some manager or some engineer, locked in their office, staring at the white ceiling and listening to Bach.

Those are people that say “With such an idea you cannot help to change the world and become rich, for sure!”, Those are the same people who say “With that amazing camera you cannot take bad pictures, it is full automatic!” and than “ With that kind of guitar you cannot play poorly, it sounds wonderfully!”.

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Innovating Innovation. It’s possible.

Wiley_LogoThe decision makers population in many companies in the world is composed primarily by three categories of people:

The Conservative people, whose motto is: “My systems work, my processes correctly operate, I have no need of innovation to maintain or increase my business.”

The Innovator people, who hides himself behind a much safer: “I pursue Innovation in production processes, for my products and services, in order to strengthen and expand my business.”

The Visionary people, who believes that the first process that need to be innovated is Innovation, even before production ones, because innovating innovation processes can provide advantages to the product delivery and to service providing to the customer.

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