Innovation calls for Innovators

We live in a world in which speed linked to innovation is increasingly marked. This does not apply exclusively to the so-called “enabling technologies”, i.e. those which allow activating technological innovation, but it is also and mainly true because of the effects that these have on people’s lives.

According to an article published by Visual Capitalist in 2018, the main technological innovations in human history took many years to reach the threshold of 50 million users. We begin with the 64 years which were necessary for aviation, then the 62 years for cars, up to the 14 years required for computers and the 4 years for the spread of Facebook.

Last of the list in this special ranking is the time required for the spread of Pokemon Go, a specific video game to be used on smartphones, equipped with innovative features such as the use of Augmented Reality and of geo-location and made by Niantic, where 19 days were sufficient to reach the threshold of 50 million users.

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