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Four steps to the human augmentation

Throughout its history, humanity has always tried to improve its physical conditions, its performance, its abilities and at the same time it has always sought solutions to mitigate its weaknesses or disabilities.

Human Augmentation

In a way it has always tried to “increase” itself from the point of view of physical strength, sharpness of the senses and also of knowledge.

In this long journey it has always used the technologies that its historical period was able to make available to it: for example, it learned to build machines capable of performing some tiring or dangerous tasks instead of it and began to equip itself with devices that help overcome some of its disabilities. The eyeglasses that many of us wear are an excellent example of a device created to overcome or mitigate a disability and which in the space of a few decades has become commonplace, transforming itself into an aesthetic and fashion accessory.

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Smart gloves to overcome disabilities

These smart gloves allow you to translate sign language movements into natural language words and phrases.

This approach breaks down the language barriers and allows people, who cannot speak, to communicate in natural language with people who do not know sign language.

It is about overcoming an important disability that severely limits the possibility of communicating and often creates socialization problems, the possibility of attending school in a natural way and the possibility of carrying out certain work tasks.

An excellent example of how we can “increase” the human being, going precisely in the direction of Augmented Lives.

And we are only at the beginning.

The future awaiting us

What can we expect in terms of technology in the next few years, giving ourselves 2030 as the horizon?

The Future of Jobs report from the World Economic Forum contains an interesting and slightly disturbing figure: 65% of children currently in primary schools will enter completely new jobs, jobs that do not yet exist. On second thought this is not so strange; in fact, if we try to look back ten years, many jobs that we consider normal today did not exist at all. In the sphere of technology alone, we can cite the app developer, the social media manager, the seller of advertising on social networks, and the certified pilot of drones and multi-rotors, to name just a few.

In all likelihood, we ourselves have had to change our professionalism and increase our skills to cope with the technological and social changes that have occurred in recent years. Moreover, those who work in the field of technology and innovation must be as prepared as possible not only to take care of their professionalism but also to help their customers face their positioning in a rapidly transforming market in the best possible way, from both the technological point of view and from that of the new business models that will appear.

So let us see what we can expect in terms of technology in the next few years, giving ourselves 2030 as the horizon.

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